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Barrasford Hexham Northumberland UK boasts a pub, garage, quarry and even a blacksmith.
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Sport & Leisure

Barrasford football club has a proud history. Quoits offers a more relaxed alternative.
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Thockrington Wind Farm

A computer generated view of the proposed wind monitoring mast at Thockrington near Barrasford in Northumberland. Click here for a full size image.

Your Views:

Bret Cahill, USA: "Just place the wind turbines 20 miles off shore where no one will care"

Quasarstrider, USA: "Since wind power is no good (eyesore), and I suspect neither would be nuclear, how about a nice clean black radioactive dust belching coal power plant instead? Support clean air. Use coal

What do you think of the proposed wind farm? Please contact us and send us your views.

























The debate about the Thockrington wind farm in Northumberland continues
Published 13/07/05
The proposed wind farm scheme at Thockrington, close to Barrasford continues to receive a great deal of resistance from both the Parochial Church Council and disgruntled local residents.

The Parochial Church Council are concerned about the proposal to site a wind monitoring mast to the south of the church, and which is to be the fore-runner for 14 wind turbines which will be three times the height of the Angel of the North.

It is their view that this proposal should never have been entertained for a number of reasons:

  1. There was no prior consultation. Tynedale District Council have issued a number of conditions in the Local Plan, which must be fulfilled where applications for renewable energy projects are concerned. For example the impact on the landscape and especially on those places visited by the general public, the effect on a listed building and its environment, and the effect on bird-life. The proposals are inconsistent with the stated policies in the Local Plan.

  2. St. Aidan's, Tockrington, is a living and working church. Worship still takes place, there are weddings and baptisms, and the churchyard is used and maintained. There are a large number of visitors who regard it as a special place. It is to be on the proposed King Oswald's Way (a long distance walk for pilgrims and others), and it is on a marked route used by cyclists.

    The renowned Mother Teresa said, "God is the friend of stillness and silence". Spirituality, evidenced by "The Monastery" reinforces this view. The mast and the subsequent wind turbines will be blight the life of the church, and those who visit the area: people enjoy the tranquillity, the remoteness, and the vistas.

The Parochial Church Council believes it is right to be good stewards of the created world, and concerned about the emission of green house gases with the resultant effect of global warming, hence the need for regeneration from renewable sources.

The Parochial Church Council has submitted a letter to the Planning Department at Tynedale District Council objecting to the proposal to site a 50m mast to the south of the church, noting that it is a precursor to 14 wind turbines standing at 100m at the zenith of their blades.

The proposal to site a wind farm in an area of high upland value is regarded by the Parochial Church Council as inappropriate and insensitive.

What do you think of the proposed wind farm? Please contact us and send us your views.

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