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Barrasford Hexham Northumberland UK boasts a pub, garage, quarry and even a blacksmith.
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Sport & Leisure

Barrasford football club has a proud history. Quoits offers a more relaxed alternative.
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£400,000 Restoration Scheme For Barrasford Quarry Cottages.
Published 19/11/04
Barrasford is soon to be dubbed 'The Beamish of the North Tyne' following the launch of an ambitious scheme to restore three historic cottages at Barrasford Quarry. The former homes look set to be transformed in a £400,000 scheme which would benefit tourism, the community and the environment.

The Hexham Courant reported that the project would return the whinstone terraced cottages and school room to their former glory, and recreate life at the turn of the 19th century.

The plans include turning one of the cottages into a museum and visitor centre relating to quarrying and mineral extraction. Another cottage would be brought back to life as a quarryman’s cottage, and the school room would allow visitors the chance to see education in the eyes of children who once attended for lessons. In addition, two of the cottages would provide workshop and office space, and work could start as soon as April 2005.

The buildings, leased by Tarmac from Northumberland Estates, have been derelict for about a decade, but the scheme, led by the Mid-Tyne Community Trust, looks set to have many benefits. Mid-Tyne Community Trust project officer Colin Earnshaw said: “The thinking behind this is to stimulate the local economy and the rural regeneration of that area. “It is generating local business and local wealth, and looking at the tourism sector.

“The museum will relate to quarrying and mineral extraction in Northumberland, and will also benefit the education of local school children.

“All of this and bringing the school room to life is a vision, and we are now putting together a business plan and drawings.” The work could take between six and nine months, depending on the plans drawn up by architects and designers. However, Mr Earnshaw says that environmentally sensitive technology will be used, and the redevelopment work is likely to go to local firms. Solid fuel and geothermal heating would be installed to make the cottages as environmentally sound as possible. He added: “It will create local employment, and when the scheme is completed we hope to have local people running the cottages. “This is an exciting project which would enhance the North Tyne Valley and preserve these unique buildings, the only whinstone cottages we know of in this area.”

“It will be the foundation for 30 or 40 years into the future when the quarry is reclaimed and perhaps restored as a wildlife sanctuary. ” Mr Earnshaw estimated that the project could cost between £350,000 and £400,000, and the Trust are looking into sources of funding.

The scheme has the backing of Tarmac and Northumbria Estates, as well as Tynedale Council and Northumberland County Council.

Redeveloping the cottages was originally the idea of Barrasford resident Robson Coulson however the scheme is now being championed by county councillor, Coun. Alex Kerr of Humshaugh. He said: “We thought that this should be explored and a feasibility study shows that it should be a sustainable project. “The idea came about three or four years ago, and I am pleased that it has been taken up. We are talking about three unique cottages with a lot of history attached to them.”

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- Look for a Northumberland home near Hadrian's Wall. Property developments in Barrasford include Chishillways, East Acres, Mill House and Woodbine Terrace.


Find out about the chapel, primary school, play group and other community groups in Barrasford.
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