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Barrasford Hexham Northumberland UK boasts a pub, garage, quarry and even a blacksmith.
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Sport & Leisure

Barrasford football club has a proud history. Quoits offers a more relaxed alternative.
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Are you in the picture of Chollerton Parish?
Published 11/06/05
Chollerton Church members have been photographing scenes from church and community life to be made into a montage.

This will be turned into two different jigsaws of 80 pieces each. Pieces of jigsaw will be sent to as many parishioners as possible who will then be invited to an event of their choice in order to build up the "big picture".

The church is planning to write to every home in the parish of Chollerton ( and those who have had some contact with Chollerton Church) to ask whether they would consider "playing their part" by filling in the response sheet which is accompanied by relevant information.

The Chollerton Parish Church Council is seeking to increase the support for the mission and ministry of the Church in the parish. The church is very grateful for the continuing goodwill and help for the parish from church and community members without which it would become increasingly difficult to develop the ministry of the Church.

The resource sheet which accompanies the "play your part" literature lists a range of possibilities for those who wish to offer their time and talents. It would also be most helpful if financial support was forthcoming - at present there is a shortfall of 45 per week to break even. A larger income would allow further projects to be started knowing that all was financially secure for the next few years.

It is expected that letters will be delivered round about the 10th June. Everyone is invited to attend one or two of the following events with their response sheet (and piece of jigsaw):

Chollerton Church:
Sunday 26 June at 10.30am (worship)

Chollerton School:
Friday 8 July at 7.30pm (social event)

Gunnerton Church:
Sunday 3 July at 10.30am (worship)

Gunnerton Church:
Saturday 23 July at 7.30pm (social event)

Richard Hay of 2 Chishillways, Barrasford will process the responses. For those who cannot attend an event, completed responses placed in the enclosed envelope can be left at a convenient address as detailed on the response sheet.

If there are any queries, or if no information is received, please telephone e-mail the vicarage or telephone on 01434 681721. Alternatively ask a church member for advice.

A rather different event is being planned for the parish of Birtley in July, and in September for the parish of Thockrington.

If you have a story, photograph or any other information to add to this Barrasford Hexham Northumberland UK web site please contact us.

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- Look for a Northumberland home near Hadrian's Wall. Property developments in Barrasford include Chishillways, East Acres, Mill House and Woodbine Terrace.


Find out about the chapel, primary school, play group and other community groups in Barrasford.
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